Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shame On HP and their Executive Customer Relations Part 3

I emailed the HP investor team last night. I get a call again from Daniel, (with such a 'sorry i'm not helping your we've given you the only option of mailing in your computer for 4-6 weeks attitude). I new that the call was going no where, it just seemed that he was playing politics. So I kindly asked him to hold on while i get a recorder ( I wanted to post the conversation up here for you all to listen too.) So I asked hiim to hold for my record, he hung up on me... Speaks Volumes of HP and their leadership in the industry.

Funny, I found this on a hand book on the HP.com website... I decided to contact their complaince department that was provided in the handbook. So I emailed the department after the call with Daniel. We'll see where that goes. Here's the email incase you need it.. 'Corporate.Compliance@hp.com'

We provide quality products and
• Promise only what you can deliver.
•Deliver on what you promise.
• Remember products and services delivered by HP
stand for quality.

Passion for customers
Keys to living up to the “Passion for
customers” section
• Focus on treating the customer right.
• Choose suppliers, partners, agents, and others who
represent HP with care.
• Remember the Headline Test.


Some of the employees really need to revisit that handbook again... could save us all a lot of problems, and would gain the trust of their customer loyalty again..

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