Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shame on HP and their Executive Customer Relations Team

Mr. Mark Hurd,

You of all people should understand what it means to take care of your customers. In case you forgot, let me remind you that your $40MM + Salary w/Bonuses is paid for by us, the customer. I find it amazing how quickly your staff is to sell a computer to the public, but how much money your staff wastes on taking care of the issues with all the back and forth of phone calls that 6 months later are still nowhere near being solved.

After filling out your surveys, talking to your staff, and spending endless hours ogmy time trying to resolve my HP computer issues, I find myself with no other option but to bring this to the publics attention.

From one CEO to another, this is the last avenue that I wish to take, however, I cannot keep losing money because your staff fails to commit to their promise. As a young owner of a financial company, I had to learn the phrase under promise and over deliver. Some of your staff members my need to undergo some more training as to what that means. This letter will speak volumes of how much HP cares to resolve their issues.

In this economy Mr. Hurd, I am shocked, as many others will be, to the following rough outline of what I am currently going through.
July 2008--
1. I purchased an $1800.00 computer in July. I was told 1 week to deliver, it came 3 weeks late, and with the wrong software.

2. I called the overseas department, spent over 4 days talking to them about getting me the correct order. After hours of discussion with the horrible language barrier, I had to put up another $1800.00 for another computer, and was told that I would get a refund once the first computer was returned with in 5-7 days. It took almost 2 months of waiting and fighting for my refund. I incurred interest charges on my card, which after more hours of proving my side to your staff, was finally refunded.

August 2008 -
3. The second computer came in, this time your department in China put on Vista 64-bit. Unfortunately they messed the order up again. I had ordered Vista 32 Bit. Now most of my programs would not work. Again hours of discussions with a language barrier, I again had to put up another $1800.00 for the third computer to come in with the correct OS.

October 2008-
4. My fingerswiper and harddrive stops working. (dumping physical memory).I call in and spend two days with your tech support in the Philippines, to only reformat my computer, and the issue was still not resolved. More days to come with Case Managers. The Case Managers send me out a fingerswiper and two 120G harddrives, or my other option was to send in my computer for 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately , you should of all people know as a CEO, that your life is tough without a computer for more than a week.

March 2009
5. My computer will not boot up. My screen goes black and a message appears "Operating System not Found". I spend over 5 days speaking to your Tech support, each time having to repeat all the steps above, dealing with the language barrier, and again coming to no solution. I spent over 100 hours being thrown around from the Philippines to the Case Managers. The computer finally starts to boot, but when I do a restart for shut down and then immediate restart, the same error message comes up "Operating System not Found". I have to wait 5-10 minutes with the computer off, or even sometimes, take out the hard drives and put them back in before my computer works.

End of March 2009--
6. I speak to a case manager, who looked over my file and said that he would call me back once your systems were back up and send me out a new computer. I wait almost two weeks. No call. I call back, and get a new case manager, of course there is no record that I spoke to someone, and I have to repeat all the steps above to the new case manager. He said that he cannot send me a computer, and that I can only send mine in for repairs. I told him that I couldn’t for two reasons, 1. I can't be out a computer for 4-6 weeks, and two i was flying to Atlanta to work on a reality show with BET. He said he would call me back with another option after he spoke to someone. I wait, I fly to Atlanta, I wait some more.. NO CALL

April - 2009
7. My finger swiper stops working. I can't remember my password because I haven't used it since i got the computer. Of course I call tech support, and your system is being upgraded they cannot help. At this point I am so upset, I called your Executive Customer Relations department. I speak with Kristen. I tell her ALL THE STEPS ABOVE. She is shocked, and seemed like the only one who cared enough to try to help. She said that she will talk to the managers of the Executive Case Manager department and have someone call me. Since your systems were down, she told me next week. I wait, I call her back the next week because I didn't get a call from anyone as promised. She is not available. I leave a message with Wanda in the executive customer relations department the next day, I don't get a call from here either. I call back speak to Wanda again. this time Kristen calls me back. I told Kristen that I got no call. She seemed shocked. She said that she will try again. I wait till Friday, no call. I call her Friday morning, told her that I got no call from any Executive Case Manager. She was again shocked. She told me that she would have a case manager call me and that she would make sure they would take care of this, he did with in a couple of hours. his name was Richard, he had no clue what was going on. I had to Explain (ALL THE STEPS ABOVE) TO HIM to only get a solution of sending my laptop in for 4-6 weeks. I told him that the last case manager offered me a new laptop because of all the repair parts that were send out. He said that there was no record found of me getting any new computers or parts. I told him that I still have the HP boxes and labels and that I would gladly take a picture of the items and email it to him. He didn't care, and he said this is the only option that i will give you. After being 'disconnected' I called Kristen back and explained the situation, she told me that she would have her manager Daniel call me that day (within an hour). I wait till 430p. I call back speak to another lady, Kristen is gone, Daniel is gone, I ask for Daniels manager, Tim. I left a message. No one calls me back.

I finally wiped out my whole computer over the weekend and reinstalled apps. To only now get my 2nd hard drive not being visible, and the same error message "Operating system not Found". I wait till Monday, I call and leave a message for Daniel, no call back. I call Tuesday, speak to Wanda, I tell her that If I don't get a call back from Tim, then I will be calling the ABC news Consumer Relations Line and the BBB. I get a call back from Daniel within Minutes. I now explain everything that I went through (ALL THE STEPS ABOVE) to Daniel, asking him to please help me with my computer, and that I don't want a case manager to call me, but a manager of their department, because I felt like I was getting the run around when one Case manager said they'd replace my computer, the others told me to mail it in.

He said that he will get a Case Manager to call me, and he will explain the whole story to him so that I don't have to go through it again. So he does, a case manager calls me, and has absolutely no clue as to what I spent hours talking about with Daniel. So I again explain (ALL OF THE STEPS ABOVE) to this case manager to only get the same option. "send your laptop in for repairs 4-6 weeks. When asked why, he said that there was not even any record of me calling in about the "operation system not found" issue. I was floored.

WEEK Later...

I call Daniel, he said to give him 24 hours and he would have a manger from the case manager department call me back. This was around Thursday (before Easter Sunday). I get no call Friday, Monday, and now today is Tuesday 4/14/09. I just called Daniel. left him a VM in the AM no call. I called in the afternoon and asked to speak with Tim his manager. I'm still awaiting the call. Oh yes and one more thing.. over the weekend, now my screen randomly turns red lines.. Oh yes and since your staff treats me as guilty until proven innocent, I've attached three pictures below.

You know Mr. Hurd, at this time, I just want my money back so that I can buy a Mac Book Pro.

I hope you can help me find a solution to my issue, because I can't be without a computer for 4-6 weeks. I have this computer backed up with a harddrive, and that harddrive backed up with another harddrive. I hope you can come to some kind of terms with me. I've lost hundreds of hours working on this and guess where we are still at... well you can see for yourself with the pictures below...


Szymon Karl


  1. Get a cheap beater in the meantime and take the HP to Geek Squad. They're able to do HP warranty work.

  2. So I get a call from Jeff Utigard from HP minutes after the post goes up... ... He said, "You know Mr. Karl, your laptop is like a broken car, when your car breaks down you have to leave it in for repairs." I said, "Jeff, when I take my Mercedes in for service, they give me a loaner..." I didn't hear anything on the other end from Jeff for a little while...

  3. Well, no surprise about HP and their staff. Once again they fail to come through. I received a call from Jeff Utigard on the 14th, he said that someone will call me that day, latest within 24 hours. I said that I've heard that before. He said, well you've never talked to me yet. So giving him the benefit, I was right once again! NO Call from HP. What do I do now? Call them again? or keep the post going, until the CEO gets word?

  4. Dear Mark Hurd, now that you've resigned from HP as CEO, I can't mail this to your office, however, I do want you to know how I and many other customers of HP feel about your customer service, product support, and well.... ... your products. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to finally get my money's worth from your products.. If you'd like to read more feel free to visit http://shameonhpandthecustomerservice... Thanks, an X-Customer ps I love my Mac!


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